Understanding Grief 3 – Grief Experience of Adolescents in the Philippines

Good News!!! In celebration of the 10th Year Anniversary of the EPCALM Foundation of the Philippines Inc., we are again bringing back our Understanding Grief Lecture series for the 3rd straight year!  This year, we are focusing on Teen Grief.

Understanding Teen Grief Layout

This will be a 2 seminar lecture series, as follows:

  1.  Understanding Grief 3: Grief Experiences of Adolescents in the Philippines 

Venue : Henry Sy, Sr. Auditorium, SLMC- BGC

Date : September 8-9, 2015

Time : 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Main Speaker: Dr. Bob Baugher, Co-Founder & Program Director of Grief Works-USA Inspirational Speaker: Mr. Boy Abunda, well-known broadcaster and celebrity

The seminar modules have been specially designed for a wide variety of health care providers, social workers, counselors, church workers, parents, youths/leaders and development workers from government and non-government organizations. By being involved with this seminar, you will equip your staff and personnel to help people in your institution who are seeking to understand the grief process especially those experienced by the youth/teens. It will cover the following topics:

  • The Many Sides of Grief
  • Understanding the Mind of Adolescent
  • The Complex World of Adolescent Bereavement
  • Intervention Strategies for Adolescents At Risk for Suicide
  • The Art of Listening to Adolescents
  • The Experience of Grief in Filipino Adolescents
  • Trauma and Grief of Loss Among Teens
  • Psychosocial Impact of a Child’s Death
  • Teens’ Rights and Wrong
  • Alternative Treatment Modalities for Healing Teens Undergoing Grief

2.    Teen Talk: Living Our Loss 

Venue: Henry Sy Sr. Auditorium, St. Luke’s Medical Centre- BGC

Date: September 12, 2015

Time: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Main Speaker: Dr. Bob Baugher and guest celebrities

Topics to be covered are:

  • Identify Causes of Grief
  • Acknowledge Feelings of Teen Related Grief
  • Express Feelings Related to Grief
  • Healthy Ways of Communicating Feelings Related to Grief
  • Show Creative Ways to Externalize the On-going Love Connections to Cherish the Memory of a Loved One That Has Died

Understanding Grief 2

The EPCALM Adult Leukemia Foundation of the Philippines, Inc. (EPCALM), is a provider of personalized, practical and family-oriented support for patients journeying through leukemia. As such, EPCALM once again is holding its grief conference series entitled UNDERSTANDING GRIEF 2: A Grief Management Conference,  as part of the series of benefit events in May, 2014 dubbed: DGTE Bound The Journey to Wholeness.

Recognizing the grief that patients and their families go through as they live with leukemia, as well as all the tragedies that recently visited the Visayas, EPCALM acknowledges the need to enlarge and deepen both the understanding and management of grief through a comprehensively designed and focused seminar. 

Mel EricksonMain Speaker: Ms. Mel Erickson, BA – Managing Director and Co-Founder of GriefWorks, a U.S. – based bereavement resource for education and support, will be the main curriculum director and speaker.

Boy AbundaInspirational Speaker: Mr. Boy Abunda – award-winning television host, publicist, talent manager and celebrity endorser, will be our guest speaker, to complement Ms. Erickson and other facilitators.

The seminar modules have been specially designed for a wide variety of health care providers, social workers, counselors, church workers, and development workers from government and non-government organizations.

As such, we invite you to join this seminar, which will help you understand the grief process and how to manage and deal with it. 


Helping Filipinos Understand Grief

Ms. Kitten Perez of St. Luke’s Global City, writes about the recently concluded EPCALM Grief Seminar last May 10-11, 2013 at the Henry Sy Sr. Auditorium, St. Luke’s Global City.  Read her article below:

“..The EPCALM Adult Leukemia Foundation of the Philippines, in cooperation with St. Luke’s Medical Center-Global City  and the Philippine Cancer Society, held a two-day Grief Management Conference entitled “Understanding Grief:  The Healing Journey” on 10-11 May 2013 at the Henry Sy, Sr. Auditorium.  The conference sought to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to deal with the realities of grief, and care for the gravely ill with compassion, guided by Biblical principles….”

Read more of Kitten’s article here.

The Healing Voice of Martin Nievera

MartinWhile going through her journey to wellness and uplifted by prayers, Mrs. Josie Tuazon, 64, a breast cancer survivor, was watching a Martin Nievera concert in Las Vegas.  Scan 2Mommy Josie felt a soothing sensation go through her broken body. Seeking Martin’s healing voice, she felt the same experience when she was in Martin’s Eastwood City concert. In that show, Martin encouraged Mommy Josie to go upstage that night.  To this day, Mommy Josie finds Martin a source of joy and healing.

Martin with EPCALM ChairmanMartin’s healing voice could only be attributed to his heart for the sick. When he heard about EPCALM from its Founder – Dr. Erlyn Cabanag-Demerre – his heart leapt for joy as he found this as a welcome opportunity to embrace the cause. He even willingly volunteered to be involved in EPCALM’s music ministry, and be its  “in-house singer”.

Without hesitation, Martin joins the Grief Management Conference to render songs of hope and joy for all participants.

Don’t miss this chance to be with Martin Nievera – the country’s “Concert King” – and witness the healing touch of his voice.

Boy’s Caring Heart

boy abundaBoy Abunda – a multi-awarded talk show host and celebrity endorser, is drawn to the cause of EPCALM as a volunteer and advocate. Boy, who has a heart for missions, graciously accepted the invitation to be part of the EPCALM Grief Management Seminar, to make life worthwhile.

Loved by many for his intelligent hosting, Boy seeks not fame but service, as he embarks on this healing journey with EPCALM.

Witness the way Boy will draw you to the mission of EPCALM, and consequently find joy in serving others.

Mel’s Cradle Grief

“Grief is attached to grief all the way back to the cradle”                                                                                     – Mel Erickson, BA of Griefworks USA

MelA first-time traveler to the Philippines, Mel Erickson finds joy in bringing the other side of grief by processing and understanding its multi-faceted contexts.

A deeply-rooted Christian, Mel is the mother of David, a leukemia survivor. From her grief, she draws strength from a wellspring of wisdom and insight on how God has shown His faithfulness in her life.  Mel has since devoted her life for the ministry of healing through understanding the grief process.

Catch Mel at her best at the Henry Sy Sr. Auditorium, St. Luke’s Medical Center – Global City on 10-11 May 2013.  As you process your own grief experience, discover your strengths, and be a blessing to those around you.

Firehouse #3

 Mel with daughter Dayna,  son David, husband Dave (husband of 48.5 years!), and Dayna’s wonderful husband, Jeff Lachowitzer

Pastor Gane’s commitment

deslateRev. Isagani V. Deslate  saw his mother claimed by the dreaded leukemia.  While the experience no doubt broke his heart, he nonetheless saw it as a platform to mend souls.

A charismatic man of God shepherding a faithful flock, through his career as a minister, Pastor Gane is a man who speaks God’s love – to heal all ills of the mind and heart.  When he knew that EPCALM planned to bring Griefworks USA – like a balm of Gilead to the Philippines – he readily and gladly gave his nod to join the resource team of this first-of-its kind conference, to highlight the faith-based approach to the grief process.



Welcome to the official site of EPCALM’s Grief Management Conference!

Grief is almost synonymous to losing someone. It always connotes sadness as a response to a situation of loss.  Be it a loved one or a friend, a job or something to which some form of attachment has been made or sealed, or even a calamity.
Grief is universal and it is definitely multi-faceted. Although it is commonly associated with the emotional dimension of life, it is also very much related to the physical, cognitive, behavioral,  social and philosophical realms.
The grief response of Filipinos can be very much dictated by our culture.   Talking about grief is even regarded at times as  a taboo and asking for help can be embarrassing. So the grieving person is forced to keep the pain and the hurt deep inside without processing it at all.
Unprocessed grief can be dangerous and devastating. Many times this grief is expressed in destructive ways that ends up in a tangled web of grief within the closest of friends, family members and co-workers.
Recognizing that indeed grief is part of life and needs to be addressed, EPCALM brings the first if its kind to the Philippines…
UNDERSTANDING GRIEF – The Healing Journey is meant to help us Filipino’s process grief.
This will be the start of a successive series of grief seminars in the country through the help of US based as well as local experts on the process of grief.