Welcome to the official site of EPCALM’s Grief Management Conference!

Grief is almost synonymous to losing someone. It always connotes sadness as a response to a situation of loss.  Be it a loved one or a friend, a job or something to which some form of attachment has been made or sealed, or even a calamity.
Grief is universal and it is definitely multi-faceted. Although it is commonly associated with the emotional dimension of life, it is also very much related to the physical, cognitive, behavioral,  social and philosophical realms.
The grief response of Filipinos can be very much dictated by our culture.   Talking about grief is even regarded at times as  a taboo and asking for help can be embarrassing. So the grieving person is forced to keep the pain and the hurt deep inside without processing it at all.
Unprocessed grief can be dangerous and devastating. Many times this grief is expressed in destructive ways that ends up in a tangled web of grief within the closest of friends, family members and co-workers.
Recognizing that indeed grief is part of life and needs to be addressed, EPCALM brings the first if its kind to the Philippines…
UNDERSTANDING GRIEF – The Healing Journey is meant to help us Filipino’s process grief.
This will be the start of a successive series of grief seminars in the country through the help of US based as well as local experts on the process of grief.