Grief Seminar Expectations

Marie Beth Lorenzo MooreI’d rather parteeeee!!!! …… I think it’s more FUN to get a root canal !!!!

ATTEND A GRIEF SEMINAR, NAHHHHHH. Hwag na lang!!!! These somehow were my initial reactions given the opportunity to participate in a grief talk series in August of last year.

But I did go….and it was not just a walkthrough of my own experience of grief….it was FUN, CANDID and SO HUMAN!!!!      Mel Erickson, the speaker and facilitator with her folksy “style ” of doing grief talks enlarged my understanding of grief because there was a common ground, a sense of CONNECTEDNESS. Her presentations and fun –play structured learning activities were a mixture of cognitive information and experiential processing of grief.

The same experience and speaker in that grief talk series will be with us on May 9 and 10. Being there will allow participants to “connect the dots” in their life, have a deeper compassion for others, and yes have a LAUGH or two.

Marie Beth Lorenzo-Moore, EPCALM BOT Member