Mel’s Grief Column

EPCALM Grief - May 2013 - 50454This column is an introduction to the concepts of Grief from the US based expert, Mary Ellen “Mel”Erickson of Griefworks USA. She will be the main resource speaker for EPCALM’s UNDERSTANDING GRIEF 2: A Grief Management Conference, slated May 9-10,2014 at the SILLIMAN HALL.

Mel Erickson first shared her insights in grief last year when EPCALM held UNDERSTANDING GRiEF 1 at the Henry Sy auditorium, St. Luke’s Medical Center Global City.  Those who came found the seminar an enriching journey and clamored for more.

Recognizing that everyone goes through some form of grief, Mel will review basics of grief for this year’s conference.  Knowing what we have gone through during the recent disasters that hit the visayas.  During this May 2014 conference, Mel will introduce for the first time, Emotional First Aid at the time of a crisis (based on the CISM model)  and Critical Incident Stress Management.