Books For Sale During the 2014 Conference

Limited copies of “grief books” will be on sale at the conference site (subject for further confirmation), as follows:


guidebA Guide for the Bereaved Survivor
by Robert Baugher, Ph.D. & Marc Calija

This book will help you understand the many responses to loss that are common in the bereavement process.


cryingThe Crying Handbook
by Robert Baugher, Ph.D. & Darcie Sims, Ph.D.

The authors examine the “Whys” and “Wheres” of crying with compassion, wit, wisdom, good sense, and grace.


guiltA Guide to Understanding Guilt During Bereavement
by Robert Baugher, Ph.D.

This book identifies how defense mechanisms, selective perception, and guilt schema are related to guilt during grief.


angerUnderstanding Anger During Bereavement
by Bob Baugher, Ph.D., Carol Hankins, M.S. & Gary Hankins, Ph.D.

This resource includes the positive and negative aspects of anger; emotional styles; an action plan; and suggestions for coping with and working through this response to loss.


copingCoping with Traumatic Death: Homicide
by Robert Baugher, Ph. D. & Lew Cox, Victim Advocate

The authors help readers know what to expect after the homicide of a family member or a friend.


aftersuicideAfter Suicide Loss: Coping with Your Grief
by Robert Baugher, Ph.D. & Jack Jordan, Ph.D.

The information is practical and complete in addressing issues during the first few days, the first year, and beyond.


In the Midst of Caregiving


These books are being distributed by GriefWorks, and you can visit their website at